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Varazdin Orchestral Mobile

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Varazdin (Croatia) has produced some of Europe’s finest classical performances in Baroque music tradition. As host to the famous 'Barokne Veceri' festival, which attracts the best classical artists from around the world.

A special selection of classical instrument samples for FL Studio Mobile

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Image-Line now offers the exclusive 'Varazdin Orchestral' sample library, in which classical musicians have been recorded at 96kHz, 24-bit, in performing a wide range of variations and styles for each instrument.


Varazdin Orchestral Mobile features 18 instruments sampled in different musical articulations containing 90 samples.

Varazdin Orchestra Mobile contains one shot and sustained samples for different instrument articulations such as staccato and vibrato. Most of the Directwave presets cover the natural octave range that the source instrument plays, usually about 3 octaves, with every semitone sampled.


Varazdin Orchestral Mobile | Example Songs



Varazdin Orchestral Mobile (90 samples)

1. Bass Clarinet Long
2. Bass Clarinet Portato
3. Bass Clarinet Staccato
4. Bass Clarinet Vibrato
5. Bass Trombone Long
6. Bass Trombone Portato
7. Bass Trombone Staccato
8. Bass Trombone Vibrato
9. Bassoon Diminuendo
10. Bassoon Long
11. Bassoon Staccato
12. Bassoon Vibrato
13. Cello Long
14. Cello Marcato
15. Cello Pizzicato
16. Cello Ricochet
17. Cello Staccato
18. Cello Tremolo
19. Cello Vibrato
20. Clarinet Cres Dim
21. Clarinet Forte Piano
22. Clarinet Long
23. Clarinet Marcato
24. Clarinet Portato
25. Clarinet Staccato
26. Double Bass Long
27. Double Bass Pizzicato
28. Double Bass Portato
29. Double Bass Staccato
30. Double Bass Tremolo
31. Double Bass Vibrato
32. English Horn Long
33. English Horn Portato
34. English Horn Staccato
35. English Horn Vibrato
36. Flute Diminuendo
37. Flute Long
38. Flute Staccato
39. Flute Vibrato
40. French Horn Diminuendo
41. French Horn Long
42. French Horn Portato
43. French Horn Staccato
44. French Horn Vibrato
45. Full Strings Long
46. Full Strings Pizzicato
47. Full Strings Vibrato
48. Oboe Forte Piano
49. Oboe Long
50. Oboe Portato
51. Oboe Staccato
52. Oboe Vibrato
53. Tenor Sax Forte Piano
54. Tenor Sax Long
55. Tenor Sax Marcato
56. Tenor Sax Portato
57. Tenor Sax Staccato
58. Timpani
59. Trombone Long
60. Trombone Muted Long
61. Trombone Portato
62. Trombone Staccato
63. Trombone Vibrato
64. Trumpet Cres Dim
65. Trumpet Forte Piano
66. Trumpet Long
67. Trumpet Staccato
68. Trumpet Vibrato
69. Tuba Cres Dim
70. Tuba Forte Piano
71. Tuba Long
72. Tuba Staccato
73. Varazdin Church Organ
74. Viola Long
75. Viola Pizzicato
76. Viola Staccato
77. Viola Tremolo
78. Viola Vibrato
79. Violin I Long
80. Violin I Marcato
81. Violin I Pizzicato
82. Violin I Ricochet
83. Violin I Staccato
84. Violin I Tremolo
85. Violin I Vibrato
86. Violin II Long
87. Violin II Pizzicato
88. Violin II Staccato
89. Violin II Tremolo
90. Violin II Vibrato