Layer Settings

NOTE: Layer channels are provided for compatibility with old projects, we recommend using Patcher to control multiple plugins in new projects.

The Layer Channel does not make sound, it passes note data from its Piano roll and controller input to any linked Channels (child channels). Layers can be used to create complex instruments with different samples or to mix the sound of several instruments in one Channel, controlled by a single Layer Channel. The child of a Layer Channel can be any sampler channel, Fruity Plugin generator or VST, except another Layer Channel.

Setting Child Channels

To set child Channels:

  1. Open the Layer Channel so the interface is showing. You need access to the Set children button in a later step.
  2. Deselect all Channels (Left-click any Channel selector then Right-click it). Just making sure there are no unwanted Channels in the layer.
  3. Right-click on each Channel selector that you want to include in the layer.
  4. Click the Set children button on the Layer Channel and you are done.
  5. Select the Layer Channel and test. The Layer Channel should now play all child layers.

Things you can do: You can use a Layer Channel to create multi-sampled instruments by assigning unique keyboard regions to each child. You can include an Envelope Controller as one of the children and use it to automate the crossfade control. Here imagination is key, think horizontal (keyboard) and vertical (velocity, modulation, etc.) layering.