Audio Clips

Audio Clips are a special version of the Sampler channels. The purpose of Audio Clips is to hold the samples displayed & triggered in the Playlist where they can be sliced and arranged as required. If desired, Audio Clips can be triggered from the Step Sequencer or the Piano roll, although this does raise the eyebrows of the program developers who prefer you use Sampler channels for that. To load samples as Audio Clips drag and drop your samples on the Playlist.

Audio Clips

To load a sample in an Audio Clip Channel drag and drop your sample from the Browser (or Windows Explorer) and drop it on the Playlist. If you drop your sample on the Channel Rack you will create a Sampler Channel. While both Audio Clips and Sampler Channels look similar Audio Clips only have the SMP and MISC tabs on the Channel Settings due to their main purpose being to feed the Audio Clips visible in the Playlist.

Audio Clip Focus

The clip focus selector (shown below) is used to focus various clip types. This is particularly useful when clips are stacked, the focused clip will be brought to the top for selection and editing. Selecting CTRL+click will focus all clips so they can be moved together.

Working with Audio Clips

In addition to the standard editing options common to all clips as discussed in the Playlist section on editing clips. Audio Clips provide the following features:

Audio Clip Channel Settings

The two tabs that appear on the Audio Clip channel (shown above-right) are described in detail in the Channel Sampler/Settings sections:

Declicking Options

See the Sampler Channel Settings - Declick options to learn more about the special declick features that are available when an Audio Clip is sliced.

Channel Settings Waveform Preview (Right-click) Options

Audio Clip Notes