Fruity Keyboard Controller

Fruity Keyboard Controller generates automation data to control modulation targets (knobs, sliders etc.) from Piano roll or a live MIDI input. MIDI Note or velocity can be used as the modulation source. Read more about internal automation controllers here. See Fruity Keyboard Controller in action here. A closely related plugin is Fruity Envelope Controller.

How to use:

  1. Load Fruity Keyboard Controller in the Channel Rack.
  2. Adjust the plugin as needed (see below for details).
  3. Link a target Synth, Effect or interface control to the Note or Velocity from the Link Dialog > 'Link assignment' menu.
  4. Add trigger notes to a Piano roll and edit their key/note number or velocity to control the target as needed.

Output: Internal Controllers

When Fruity Keyboard Controller is loaded in the project, two options will be available for linking:

Note Mapping Controls

By default, lower notes generate low automation values and high notes high values. If you run your finger up and down the piano keyboard, the linked control will increase and decrease in response to the position of the notes on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can also customize every note to output user selected values as follows:

Keyboard View

The keyboard view is related to the preview keyboard seen on Channel Settings.

Notes & Tips

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin