Fruity Multiband Compressor

Fruity Multiband Compressor is a three band stereo compressor using ButterWorth IIR or LinearPhase FIR filters to separate the incoming signal into three bands for processing. Limiter functionality is also included. A related plugin is Maximus.

Compression is the process of automatically scaling the output volume so that the quiet parts are louder and the loud parts don't clip. It's like automatically adjusting a volume knob, keeping the volume level within a set min/max range. Compression is one of the most important effects in modern music. It is used to give kick drums 'thump' and make bass 'fat'. Importantly, it can make a mix sound much louder than it is. In particular, multiband compression is a highly useful tool for mastering applications since the complex sound (wide frequency content) of a complete track can have varying amounts and types of compression applied to different parts of the frequency spectrum.

When to use: Use the Fruity Multiband Compressor in the Master Mixer Track for the final mix while mastering. If you need to compress individual Kick or Bass sounds (for example) we recommend the Fruity Compressor or Fruity Limiter as they are easier to set for individual sounds.


The controls for the Fruity Multiband Compressor affect the relationship between input and output volume for (up to) 3 frequency bands selected by the user. The Multiband Compressor is a variable-knee compressor with built-in peak limiting. Functions are discussed from left to right on the plugin:

Input & Filtering

Low, Mid & High Band Compressors

Each of the three bands (LOW, MID and HIGH) have these same controls:

Plugin Credits:

Code: slim slow slider

Interface Design: Didier Dambrin