Fruity Peak Controller

Fruity Peak Controller one of many internal controllers and it is used to automate targets in response to the volume envelope of an input sound AND OR its own intenal LFO generator. A typical use of the Peak Controller is to create 'Sidechain compression' style effects by putting Peak Controller on the kick track and use the automation signal to control (duck) the volume of other Mixer tracks, e.g. a synthesizer playing chords. NOTE: Alternatively, Fruity Limiter's compressor section has side-chain functionality.

Envelope colors:

NOTES: 1. Hold the Vol click and hold Peak or LFO controls to see their envelopes in isolation. 2. Fruity Peak Controller will only use input signals above -50 dB.


Load the Peak Controller on the Mixer Track that has the audio signal to control the target parameter. To hear the control audio, disable the MUTE switch on the lower-right corner of the Peak Controller plugin. Peak Controller will appear as an 'Internal controller' link option in the 'Link to controller > Link assignment' Right-click link dialog. Link assignment options include:


Pay attention to the Mute switch that is on by default and prevents input audio passing through the plugin.

Peak Controls

Audio input peaks are tracked and an automation source is created according to the following options:

Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) Controls

The LFO runs independently of the audio input. Set according to the following options:

Additional Options

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin